Writing & Editing

Looking for the services of an editor or proofreader? What about a writer with excellent attention to detail? Perhaps Pencil First can help…

Pencil First works on all sorts of print, electronic and online publications. From designing effective flyers, brochures, and newsletters; to editing and proofreading corporate documents, resumes and job applications, policy documents, manuals, magazine articles, promotional material and web pages, Pencil First has the skills and experience to produce a document that is both accurate in its information and effective in its marketing.

Different documents need different levels of editorial involvement and below is a list of the professional services Pencil First offers and what each involves.

Proofreading: The most basic level of editing, proofreading identifies any mistakes such as spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, and other inaccuracies. Pencil First check a document is free from typos, is grammatically correct, and conforms to house style guidelines (where applicable). Don’t rely on your word processor to fix any mistakes, have an experienced professional do the job for you.

Copy-editing: Employing a more thorough approach for ensuring the author’s message clear to their reader/s, copy-editing involves checking facts and consistency of formatting. Errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax will be corrected and suggestions for improvements in clarity and logical flow are made. Reference lists, figures and tables may also be cross-checked should it be required.

Substantial editing, rewriting and developmental editing: This involves an increased level of editorial judgement and rewording. This level of editing includes elements of both proofreading and copy-editing, but also involves improving the structure and flow of written material to deliver a clear and precise document. Substantial editing may involve rearranging sentences to improve readability, rewriting text to create clarity, and applying active voice to ensure effective statements.

Writing: Be it promotional material for an advertising feature, or a fact-based spread for a magazine, Pencil First can help. With a background in journalism and experience in both newspaper and magazine publishing, Pencil First can draft engaging copy for your advertisement, brochure, newsletter, media release, magazine article or web post. Check out the blog.

Pencil First can help anyone  get the best out of their work and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements before commencing a project. Contact PENCIL FIRST for more information.