New Australian editing standards launched

It’s been a long time coming (more than 10 years if I’m right), but finally the second edition of the Australian standards for editing practice has been launched.

These are the core standards professional editors should meet and form the basis of the Institute of Professional Editors’ national accreditation scheme. The first edition was released in 2001, a very positive step when I consider how long some people have been involved in the industry and what sort of pressure an absence of professional standards must have placed on them in practice. This second edition follows an extensive process of workshops and discussions between key stakeholders from which final sign off of the members of the Australian societies of editors was obtained. The IPEd Council ratified the standards in August of 2012.

For those who have been involved, it has been a long and tiring journey of which the ultimate reward is the publication of the Standards booklet. Its 25 pages do not adequately convey the determination and dedication of those involved, and today’s launch is an opportunity to not only welcome the new standards into the industry, but to publicly recognise those who have been committed to the goal of advancing the profession of editing from the very beginning.


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