Editing: No longer the invisible profession

The Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd), Australia’s peak body for the editing profession, recently released results of its fourth accreditation exam, held in October 2012.

In fulfilling its objective to advance the profession of editing, IPEd manages a nationwide scheme for accrediting editors. The rigorous exam process ensures accredited editors have highly developed skills and knowledge, and have demonstrated their competency against the Australian standards for editing practice.

Following the October exam, 60 editors joined the more than 300 IPEd-accredited editors entitled to use the post-nominal ‘AE’. In congratulating the newly-accredited editors, Chair of the 2012 IPEd Accreditation Board, Robin Bennett AE says ‘Accreditation is the benchmark for editing practice in Australia. We commend you for the professionalism and dedication it takes to achieve accreditation and we know you will continue to develop your editing skills and experience’.

Editors work in many settings – including government and corporate sectors, book publishers, universities and community organisations – on all types of published materials, both hard copy and electronic. An editor’s deft touch can improve the effectiveness of books, newsletters, brochures and educational materials, advertisements, government and annual reports, and websites in reaching their target audience.

To find out more about IPEd and/or the accreditation scheme, visit http://www.iped-editors.org


One response to “Editing: No longer the invisible profession

  1. Hey Calista

    Just discovered your blog – yah!

    And delighted to see the accreditation press release included.

    As you know, I believe accreditation is rather important, so hope your blog attracts interest in the scheme – and more candidates for the next exam.

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