15 common words that are (probably) made up

As if reality television wasn’t bad enough, in the latest season of My Kitchen Rules there is a quirky little contestant who insists on using the word ‘inspirate’. I think this is probably her back-formation of ‘inspiration’ and an unnecessary extension to the word ‘inspire’, but either way she has made up a word. I really hope it doesn’t catch on.

Such a poor grasp on the English language got me thinking about other likely ‘made up’ words people use. If you use irregardless, firstly, administrate or undoubtably when you talk or write, then congratulations — you’re making up words. Mark Nichol of PR Daily came up with this handy list of words that a probably made up.

If any of the words on that list are familiar because you use them in your daily speak, get in touch with me here at Pencil First so I can help you communicate with your audience in a more effective and grammatically correct way.


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